April 2020 Photo Contest

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Rules & Prizes

How to Enter

  • Complete the upload form and agree to the terms of the contest.
  • Photo entry must be at least 5 megapixels and must be in JPG format
  • Photographs may be in either black & white or color
  • Photographs may be either in vertical or horizontal format
  • Entries will go into our monthly photo contests

Judging Criteria

  • Photographs must be taken within the Kukuiolono Park & Golf Course.
  • Minor digital enhancement for cropping, red-eye removal, filters, corrective functions, and legitimate manipulations such as burning and dodging, brightness and contrast, color adjustments, saturation, stitching and cropping are permitted. In cases where a photograph is considered “digital art”, the image may not be considered. Entrants should not place borders or frames around their images, or place watermarks, signatures, dates, or copyright notices on their images.
  • Voting is open to anyone that visits the web site
  • Voting for each month is opened for one week following the month end
  • Please be sure to include your mailing address

By submitting an entry to the Kukuiolono Park & Golf Course Photo Contest you agree to the following:

Release by the Photographer/Videographer/Essayist.

The participant hereby represents and warrants that he/she is the author of all the material submitted to Kukuiolono Park & Golf Course and shall defend and hold Kukuiolono Park & Golf Course harmless from any action, claim, loss, damage, liability and/or expense arising from or connected to the infringement of intellectual property rights or copyright with respect to the material submitted.

By registering your photograph/video/essay with Kukuiolono Park & Golf Course, the participant hereby grants Kukuiolono Park & Golf Course an irrevocable, royalty-free and perpetual license right to use without restriction and reproduce all submitted materials, including without limitation the copying, transmission, distribution and publication for display or promotional purposes.

Monthly Winner

  • The monthly photo contest winner will receive Kukuiolono swag!